ASAP Marketplace Rules You Should Know Before Buying or Selling

If you’re using ASAP Darknet Marketplace to buy or sell, you’ll want to know the do’s and don’ts for this year. I’ll walk you through the rules in simple terms, so you can stay safe while buying or selling on this website. 

For Sellers: Your Guide to Good Selling

For Physical Goods (Stuff You Can Hold):

When you take a photo of your item, make sure it shows today’s date, your seller name, the ASAP logo, and how many you have to sell. It’s like showing your item’s ID card.

For Digital Goods (Things You Can’t Touch):

Don’t sell copies of things that you don’t own or that you’re not allowed to sell.

Your listings should be honest. If it’s an old game, don’t say it’s new.

You can’t ask for your money before the buyer is happy with what they bought.

When There’s a Problem (Disputes)

Always give a way for the buyer to see where their item is when it’s being sent.

If you run out of something or have to take it off the market, the buyer gets their money back. If too many buyers are unhappy and complain, you could be stopped from selling.

Other Rules You Shouldn’t Forget

  • If you cheat or lie, you’ll lose your money, and it will go back to the buyer.
  • Trying to make deals outside of ASAP is against the rules.
  • Don’t put any web addresses in your messages that don’t have to do with ASAP Market.
  • Don’t keep a lot of money in your wallet on the site. It’s safer that way.
  • If no one says there’s a problem, the sale will end on its own after a while. Keep track of the days.
  • Pack your items well. If you get too many warnings, you could lose your ability to sell.
  • Don’t use money transfer services like Western Union for payments.
  • Don’t post the same item many times.
  • Always be kind and respectful to everyone on the market.

For Buyers: Smart Shopping Practices

Important Things to Remember

  • If you use a bad link and lose money, ASAP can’t fix it.
  • If you lose your password, there’s no way to get it back.
  • Always turn on 2FA. It’s like a double lock – it keeps others out of your account.
  • If you try to cheat a seller, you will be caught and you’ll lose your money.

Staying Safe

Use links from trusted places only. This keeps you safe from scams.

Don’t be lazy about security. If you don’t protect your account, you could lose it.

Dealing with Sellers

If you get something badly packaged, tell the support team. Don’t agree to move your chat with a seller outside of ASAP.

If Something Goes Wrong

If you have a problem, you can complain to stop the automatic end of the sale.

Remember, things you can touch will automatically finish selling after 14 days, and digital things after 3 days if you don’t say anything.

Never Do These

  • Don’t threaten, be mean, or discriminate against anyone.
  • Don’t make up stories or accuse someone of something that isn’t true.

What to Do with FE (Finalize Early) Orders? 

Make sure you understand the seller’s rules before you agree to finalize early.

Once you say okay to an FE order, you can’t change your mind and get your money back. If there’s an issue with an FE order, ask the support team for help.